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A Force Multiplier...

An ideal engagement brings businesspeople and their organizations toward meaningful goals, expedited decision processes or heightened team effectiveness.


Building Champions in the Field

Mentorship is a full-contact sport. Accomplished by leveraging the collective expertise of successful veterans, connecting their insights in real-time and reframing change situations into maximized opportunities.

We'll boost your efficiency where it counts -- out on the field of play.


Lorna Donovan

Lorna can both conceptualize and execute high impact facilitation.       

She leads consulting engagements, trains teams and coaches leaders from a broad-ranging experience base.  Her specialties: leadership development, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications.

1,000 Clients globally use her published “Mentor Method” practices of rapport and personal style.

"It would be hard for me to imagine someone more qualified and effective than Lorna Donovan. Hire her now!

Lorna has represented my company as a senior communications trainer, serving our clients globally. I have seen her strengthen and empower both nationals and expatriates. She has a unique capacity to bring out the best in others.

Lorna will build partnerships, and earn respect and admiration for her organizational ability, clarity of thought, and her capacity for service. She will create success wherever she goes; share it generously, work tirelessly and thrive even in the most challenging conditions. How can I be sure?  Because she has done all those things – and more -- that have benefited my clients." 


- Ray Thompson, Managing Director, WPNT Communications

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