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Leader Trends' ideal client engagement is facilitating business executives toward meaningful goals, expedited decision processes and team effectiveness.

Our cause is "Building Leaders in the Field".

Leadership Mentoring is a full-contact sport. Accomplished by leveraging the collective expertise of successful veterans, connecting their seasoned insights in real time, and reframing change situations into maximized opportunities.

We boost your efficiency where it counts - out on the field of play.


Lorna Donovan

Lorna Donovan, Principal, is an energetic, hands-on expert who can both conceptualize and execute high impact facilitation. She is skilled in leading consulting engagements, training teams and mentoring executives from a broad-ranging experience base.  Her specialties include business development, stakeholder engagement and leadership communications.


More than 1000 clients around the world use her published “Mentor Method” best-in-class practices of establishing rapport and identifying personal style.