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Leader Trends, Inc. recognizes that leadership roles must exist in every level of your organization. Our mission is to bring those necessary qualities of leaders to all stages of the commercial life cycle. We transform your people into consultants, managers into leaders and leaders into visionaries.

Assessments and Profiling


Hiring people is one of the most important and difficult tasks facing owners and managers today. Leader Trends offers a third party view in deciding which candidate profile can and will perform.

Speaking and Training


Leader Trends delivers training to develop both skills and a stronger mental psyche.

We take teaching from virtual or theory to real-world applications.

Our goal: Permanent change in techniques, actions, and leaders' belief systems.

Coaching and Facilitation


Using your accountability system, we provide tools for tracking, coaching and debriefing performance. Leader Trends wants to ensure that you can duplicate your ‘best practices.’

Building Champions within your own ranks!

"Thanks for facilitating Advisory Immersion. I appreciate the insights you provided, particularly in executive presence. We have already instituted the learning with a presentation to a large client today. More importantly, I will use the lessons throughout the rest of my leadership career.


I've attended many professional courses; this was the best instructor-led event. The way you and our co-facilitator worked as a team was amazing. If I am in a similar role, I trust my teammate will possess just a percentage of your skills and knowledge. You have a passion for your craft!"


- Bassel F, Senior Manager-Risk Transformation, EY

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