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Leader Trends Inc. offers mentoring that focuses on career development, or business management effectiveness, with an emphasis on improving communications strategies. Services include classroom and virtual training, immersive team clinics, and individual coaching sessions.

Long-Term Client Engagements 

GHX - Global Healthcare Exchange| Polycom SpectraLink |Karcher NA |   Jeppesen/Boeing| Medela | Scholastic | Gevity HR | Universal Lending Corp


We teach your leaders to be strategic communicators by delivering their stakeholder messages with strength, purpose and clarity.

Using our training expertise, we strive to provide constructive feedback to real-world scenarios practiced during each course and coaching session.

Mastery-Level Offerings 

Executive Presentations|Corporate Communication|Stakeholder Engagement

Glass Conference Room

Our breadth of cross-functional projects have involved talent recruitment, organizational design and development, management training programs, and follow-up for effectiveness measurement.


Go-To-Market Case 

Tech Industry Case | We were tasked with designing growth strategies for both people and processes in their client development organization. We created a company-led roadmap, salesforce realignment initiatives, up-leveled role functions, and field group redeployment plan.


“Leader Trends has the ability to quickly assess new or changing circumstances, rapidly run alternatives and action the optimal plan with others. This is done smoothly; not by clinging to outmoded behavior or an "old plan” merely to satisfy professional egos.


Lorna Donovan, Principal, is a fast study, globally aware, capable of deep thought and is yet imminently practical... adhering to an objective or process for as long as it takes. Very patient. Lots of stamina... She can "adjust her ship's direction" if required, while moving forward... and still smile genuinely and care for others. Endlessly positive. I often comment that I want some of all that ability... however she does it!”

- David M, (Retired) Managing Director, UK multinational companies

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