Eating Earth, part III

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TIPS: Climbing Up, Camping Out or Quitting? This is the third and final installment of Bike Riding and Summer Selling: Reflections on my inaugural 400-mile ride across Iowa ( The trip was Not Only a success, it also confirmed my belief that the best match for endurance cycling event training is a satisfying performance consulting career with Leader Trends Inc. Riding Lesson #1 Four or five days of biking can be just as effective as riding the whole 7-day tour. Truth: We can find the freedom of the open road and don't have to eat gravel to prove it! SELLING TIP #1 In sales management, you don’t need to accept every appointment nor attend every meeting t

Eating Dirt, part II

GROWTH TIPS: This is It! Make no mistake about It… Iowa, Here I Come! [If you have no idea what “It” is, check out my last blog ‘Tip’ or Ragbrai bike tour link:] In answer to readers’ questions, below are my thoughts to create your selling or training plan. Thanks for your interest and support! EFFECTIVENESS In sales and sports it is 100% possible to become more efficient. My regular bike training ride time went from 3 to 2.4 hours. How?? After the first outing, I did the following: Rode the route in the correct direction, didn’t get lost (as often), had more second time-around familiarity, experienced fewer distractions, applied better skills,

Eating Gravel, part I

SALES TIPS on Real business development, training plans and life After a nearly 20 year layoff, my road bicycle and I began training for a week-long ride ( What started out as a New Year’s resolution turned into a hobby where I can think, create and recharge my batteries. The surprising net result: My business has never been steadier or more rewarding to me. “Could there be a connection between the two – bike riding and selling services?” I wondered? GOALS HELP Having a specific riding distance to plan and train for motivates me. Just like chasing a sales quota, I have to fulfill a certain amount of saddle time to be well-prepared to cover 450 miles. Want to reach Preside

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