Dance of Philanthropy

Dancing With Boulder Stars In November 2019 Lorna Donovan and Amanda Kepus raised funds for YWCA Boulder County. On Mother's Day Weekend 2020, expanding childcare to Boulder families in need has never been more important.

PEACE OUT: Life’s Dilemma, A Way Forward

Villager in Sinice, Albania. Photo by George Kourounis Like so many people, my work path took a wide turn recently. After a two-year period of evaluation, risk taking, preparation and sacrifice I joined Peace Corps in January 2020. Then, with as little as 24 hours’ notice, all 7,000 of us Volunteers across the globe were evacuated from our countries. High hopes turned into a resounding thud of fresh reality and I found myself back where I started just two months earlier. Before the adventure began in earnest, I was en route homeward. Sort of. Evacuation and Evaluation. I am back in the US but not in my residence yet. Returning this soon has caused me to reflect on just what I learned in my s

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