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Real Life: An Aspirational Story

It’s about Timing. 30 years ago while aspiring to become a Peace Corps volunteer I came to Colorado for a season in the ski industry, instead. PC became a dream deferred and eventually Boulder became my life’s longest-lasting home.

It’s about Place. Here is where I raised my daughter in single motherhood and built from scratch a private consultancy, Leader Trends Inc. My clients have made me proud with their growth and sustainability. In 18 years we have team leaders from Melbourne to Bavaria to Alaska’s North Slope. Now, my daughter’s peers are my protégés.

It’s about Mission. A few years ago I journaled about my dream job of the future. In 2019, I realized it described economic development overseas. Peace Corps’ cause speaks to me now as much as it did 30 years ago. In January 2020 I will leave for a two-year assignment in Albania.

I’ll bring with me the influential people and professional experiences that have shaped us. I will share Leader Trends’ stories of how we impacted individuals, teams and organizations. But more than anything, I will take the gifts I have been given: Caring deeply about moving people in a profitable direction; teaching them how to apply problem-solving on their own; and remaining tireless in manifesting real outcomes. I’ll also bring good old-fashioned hard work -- just like my great grandparents who emigrated to the U.S. from Krakow, Poland.

It’s about Future. Throughout my entire career I have made changes or trade-offs. A healthy professional life relies on fresh engagements which are grafted onto us for the future. Enticed by immersive living abroad, it’s time to take a leap of faith for PC’s cross-cultural venture. This phase of life is a window to a new way of applying my talents. I imagine both the meaningful contributions I want to make in Albania, as well as the renewed passion this experience will bring home to my work.

Thank you everyone for whom I have had the privilege of serving, especially those who helped me grow in patience, humility and real connection.

My next adventure is yours!

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